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Are you looking for Wheel Balancing for your vehicle?


In order to enjoy an unmatched driving experience and tyre durability, it is extremely crucial to ensure the weight distribution across the entire wheel and tyre assembly is adequately balanced. Unbalanced wheels are a threat to your driving safety as they reduce a vehicle's steering stability and affect the braking performance.

To avoid such severe consequences, it is crucial to undertake a routine wheel balancing check from a reliable workshop like Wright Tyres.

At Wright Tyres, we offer wheel balancing Penrith at affordable rates. Our experts possess a detailed understanding of the industry-best wheel balancing processes and assure prompt results.

Check out the factors that lead to unbalanced wheels

  • Manufacturing defects in wheels and tyres.
  • Inaccurate fitment of the wheels to the hub.
  • Worn-out shock absorbers.

Apart from these, the stem hole of a wheel also deducts a certain amount of weight from one side of the wheel and tyre assembly, leading to unequal weight distribution, which must be adequately rectified.

Warning signs of wheel imbalance

If the weight distribution across the wheel assembly of your vehicle is not adequately balanced, it will show up some distinct warning signs, like:

  • Odd vibrations in the floorboards, seats and steering wheel.
  • Bumpy and uncomfortable driving experience.
  • Uneven and frequent tyre tread wear.
  • Inefficient braking performance.
  • Inefficient car handling experience and more.

To keep such issues at bay, we recommend our customers opt for routine wheel balancing Penrith from our workshop.

About our wheel balancing process

We follow the given steps at our wheel balancing garage Penrith:

  • We first un-mount the wheel and tyre assembly from the car and attach it to an advanced wheel balancing machine.
  • We then rotate the wheel and tyre assembly at a high speed to take due note of the vibrations and other measurements.
  • Following this, our experts analyse the data to locate the areas of disproportionate weight.
  • As per the results derived, we then attach additional counter-weights on the wheel’s internal or external surface as required.

Please note: Wheel balancing is a standard procedure (included in the price) we carry out every time, we fit new tyres.

Hence, please drop your searches for wheel balancing near me and come down to us. Our customers highly prefer us for our:

  • Conversant experts.
  • Cutting-edge wheel balancing machine and more.
  • Genuine recommendations.
  • Affordable rates.

Sounds good?

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