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    In the world of racetracks, Pirelli is an established name. For more than one century, this Italian brand is associated with the production of high-performance tyres.

    Pirelli has been supplying tyres for Formula 1 races since 2011 and recently signed a contract for 2020-2023. The brand enjoys extensive fame outside the racetrack as well, i.e. in the arena of making passenger car tyres for consumers. These tyres offer maximum levels of safety, performance, longevity and comfort. Currently, Pirelli tyres are exported to over 160 countries.

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    You can purchase Pirelli car tyres from the comfort of your home. Enter your vehicle registration number or tyre size details on our online tyre finding tool. Browse through our inventory and purchase the best Pirelli units as per your preference.

    Best-selling Pirelli car tyres in our stock

    P Zero NCS

    P Zero NCS is an ultra-high-performance summer variant that offers outstanding performance on dry and wet roads. Pirelli has manufactured this unit with a customised tread. The inner tread offers improved safety in wet conditions. On the other hand, the outer tread helps to lower noise emission (thanks to the optimised pitch sequence) and offers low rolling resistance.

    Winter Sottozero 3

    Manufactured for high-end premium vehicles, Winter Sottozero 3 offers maximum safety, control and performance in winter weather conditions. This winter variant is notable for delivering superior wet handling and braking performance. Moreover, this tyre provides high levels of grip in all winter weather conditions.

    Scorpion Verde All-season

    Scorpion Verde All Season is a 4x4/SUV tyre that is designed to deliver year-round optimal performance. This tyre features numerous sipes and grooves, which enables it to offer unmatched snow traction. Also, the four circumferential grooves help to reduce the risk of aquaplaning and ensure utmost safety while driving on wet roads.

    Our collection of best-selling Pirelli tyres certainly also includes 4x4, Performance- and Ultra-High-Performance, and run-flat tyres.

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