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    Michelin as a brand is synonymous with an advanced and innovative technology that contributed to the invention of the first radial tyres in 1946 and the first detachable bicycle tyres in 1891. This continuous strive for innovation has made it the world's largest manufacturer in the world, reigning in over 170 countries with 69 production facilities worldwide.

    If you want to find the perfect Michelin tyres Penrith for your car, Wright Tyres has got you covered with top variants of Michelin tyres to suit your diverse driving requirements.

    Top Michelin tyres Penrith available in our garage

    Pilot Sport 4

    This summer tyre features "Dynamic Response Technology". The use of aramid and nylon in the tyre making process provides excellent traction. The unique blend of elastomers and hydrophobic silica offers reliable braking performance and grip on wet roads. Additionally, the wide longitudinal grooves on the tyre reduce the risk of aquaplaning on wet roads.

    Alpin 6

    This winter tyre from Michelin comes with a multi-layer tread compound and wide tread grooves to ensure enhanced traction on snow. The contact patch provides precise handling in severe winter conditions, and the high abrasion-resistant compound in the tyre ensures even tyre wear and longer lifespan of the tyre.

    Cross Climate+

    The rigid and bevel-edged tread block design in this all-season Michelin car tyre Penrith provides reliable braking performance on dry roads. The V-shaped tread pattern and 3D self-locking sipes provide ample traction and top braking efficiency.

    Primacy 4

    The Michelin's EverGrip Technology enables this 4X4 tyre to provide excellent braking response on wet roads. At the same time, the Max Touch Construction ensures the tread life's longevity and maximises the vehicle's handling control.

    We also sell other variants of Michelin tyres Penrith like run-flat, performance, and 4x4 tyres.

    To conclude your search for the best Michelin "tyres near me", visit our garage or complete your purchase online with us. Provide your car's registration number or tyre index, then, select from our vast collection of car tyres Penrith from this brand based on your requirements.

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