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    Known for offering quality and durability at affordable prices, Firestone is a popular tyre brand in the UK. Bridgestone acquired the company in 1988, which is another reliable name when it comes to car tyres.

    If you want to buy Firestone tyres Penrith, you are basically looking for quality at affordable prices. That is exactly what Wright Tyres offers! You can choose from a wide range of Firestone tyres Penrith from our inventory.

    You can now buy these tyres online from our website! Don’t know your car tyre size? Simply put in your vehicle registration number and brand preference as Firestone to browse through the list of options for your car.

    Alternatively, if you are more comfortable buying Firestone tyres Penrith offline, you should come over to our workshop. Here, you can also take the help of our experts in picking out the right tyres for your car. As a standard industry practice, we run wheel balancing checks to ensure quality and safety with every tyre fitment offered.

    Popular Firestone tyres Penrith at our facility

    FIREHAWK INDY 500 (Summer)

    This is one of the most popular summer models offered by Firestone. It comes with a harder rubber compound and a uniquely designed pulse groove feature. These grooves aid in eliminating the risk of hydroplaning by effectively evacuating water from the tread surface. A shallow tread depth offers unmatched traction and handling on both dry and wet surfaces.

    Winterhawk 3(Winter)

    Designed to help you navigate smoothly through icy tracks, this model from Firestone provides excellent traction, braking response, steering control and cornering precision. It also comes with the 3 Peak Mountain Snowflake symbol, signifying its ability to provide optimal safety on slippery surfaces.

    Champion Fuel Fighter (All-season)

    This all-season model offers unmatched grip, stability, and handling control throughout the year regardless of the weather conditions. It comes with a unique technology enabling durability and offering a lower rolling resistance to boost your car’s fuel economy.

    Other tyre variants in our collection include:

    • 4x4 Tyres
    • Performance Tyres
    • Run-flat Tyres

    With so many options at bay, you won't have to look for tyres near me anymore! Please call us for bookings or if you have any questions.

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