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    Continental is a very popular tyre manufacturer with more than 100 years of experience in the pneumatic tyre industry. Unmatched cornering control and superior car handling are some of the main reasons for the company’s tyre popularity in the UK and globally.

    Wright Tyres is a reliable one-stop destination for Continental tyres Penrith for every driving requirement. Moreover, our tyre experts can also help customers make an appropriate choice based on their driving purposes.

    Wright Tyres is now online!

    You can now buy Continental car tyres Penrith from our website. Browse through available options after entering your car registration number or tyre index on our tyre finder tool. You can then complete the purchase right from the comfort of your home.

    Categories of Continental tyres

    Summer Tyres

    Continental tyres are made from a premium hard rubber compound, and a shallow tread depth offers optimal control on dry and wet surfaces. These tyres deliver lower rolling resistance.

    Winter Tyres

    Winter tyres feature a silica-infused soft rubber material with a deep and unique tread pattern that ensures rapid snow evacuation to drastically reduce hydroplaning risks. Continental winter tyres come with a SnowCurve+ technology for enhanced snow track performance.

    All-season Tyres

    A top preference among people looking to reduce repeated seasonal tyre fittings, Continental’s all-season tyres Penrith offer unbeatable performance on both dry and wet surfaces in moderate temperatures. It is due to their intermediate tread depth and asymmetric tread pattern.

    4x4 Tyres

    4x4 tyres are designed to tackle uneven terrains without compromising driving comfort and your vehicle’s load-bearing ability and stability. These tyres feature a robust centre rib and wide shoulder blocks for excellent grip and traction.

    Performance Tyres

    Performance tyres deliver superlative vehicle control and traction even at high speeds. Further, they are made from a premium and innovative rubber compound that has significant overheating resistance, thereby decreasing blowout risks and enhancing your on-road safety.

    Run-flat Tyres

    Run-flat tyres offer increased on-road safety even after a puncture or a blowout. These tyres can run for around 50 miles at speeds up to 50 mph without any dip in cornering control or steering precision.

    Best-selling Continental tyres Penrith

    Some of the top-selling Continental tyre models are:

    • All Season Contact
    • ContiCross Contact A/T
    • EcoContact 6 Q
    • ContiWinter Contact TS860
    • ContiSportContact 5P
    • PremiumContact 6

    In case you are still searching for Continental tyres near me in and around Penrith, drop in at our facility. For any other information on Continental tyres Penrith, do not hesitate to give us a call.

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