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As a car owner, you need to be careful about the manufacturer-recommended tyre size before your buy new tyres. The correct tyre size is absolutely indispensable to your vehicle’s driving performance, fuel economy, traction, braking- and steering response.

If you end up installing tyres of the incorrect size on your vehicle, it will inevitably take a toll on your overall driving experience.

At Wright Tyres, we stock a superb collection of tyres Penrith across various tyre sizes. We stock these tyres from leading premium, mid-range and budget brands. You can buy tyres from us either directly at our facility or via our online tyre portal, which makes finding the right tyres in the right size extra easy.

But, make sure you understand the tyre size meaning in detail before you buy.

Breaking down the tyre size meaning

Let’s take an example to understand tyre size meaning.

225/45 R18 95H

Here’s a quick overview of what this tyre size means.

225 (in mm) - Section width

45 - Aspect ratio or profile height

R - Construction type (in this case, radial)

18 (in inches) - Rim diameter

95 - Load index (95 corresponds to 690kgs)

H - Speed index (H corresponds to 130 mph)

The aspects mentioned above have a lot to do with handling safety and comfort. Also, ensure that you do not fit tyres of different sizes on your vehicle simultaneously.

The tyre size is embossed on the sidewalls of a tyre. Therefore, visit us to check out the products directly. Else, if you are sure about your vehicle’s tyre size, use the details to order tyres online and opt for mobile tyre fitting services from us.

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