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Are you looking for Tyre Repairs for your vehicle?


Replacing a tyre following a puncture is not always necessary. Often the purchase of a new tyre can be avoided. A cost-effective alternative is to opt for tyre repairing services from a reliable automobile workshop.

We, Wright Tyres, offer you efficient tyre repair Penrith at competitive rates. We follow all the government-approved guidelines for the tyre repair process and conduct thorough checks on the damaged tyres before offering the service for utmost safety.

Is it possible to repair all tyre damages?

It is impossible to repair all types of tyre damages. Hence, our experts carry out several internal and external checks on multiple parameters to ensure the tyre's structural integrity is intact. Some of these checks are:

  • There are no cuts or damages on the tyre sidewall.
  • In case there is a puncture, its size must not be more than 6mm.
  • There are no damages on the main tread.
  • Tread depth is equal to or above 1.6 mm.
  • No exposed cords or sidewall bulges.
  • There are no cracks on the tyre.

Please note: Repairs on run-flat tyres are not considered safe as once driven on without air pressure, their structure changes.

Our experts will conduct tyre repair Penrith only if your vehicle’s damaged tyres meet all these parameters. If not, we will let you know and recommend you get it replaced for absolute safety.

Our tyre repair process

Depending on the nature of tyre damage, we will use one of the following methods of tyre repair Penrith:


Without un-mounting the tyre, our experts will fill the damage with a leather piece coated with adhesives. The adhesives will vulcanise when the tyre generates heat while rolling and thereby seal the gap.


For patching, we will first un-mount your car’s tyre. Then, we will insert a piece of leather coated with adhesives into the damaged portion.

Plug & Patch

We will un-mount the tyre and attach a piece of rubber with a tail-like end onto the damaged part. We will then use the tail end to seal the hole effectively.

We strictly follow the BS AU 159 tyre repair process for the most accurate results.

Hence, look no further for “tyre repair near me” and visit us. You can come over at any time during our business hours. No need to book an appointment.

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If you have any queries, you can also get in touch with us on 07935 343848.

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