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Are you looking for Tyre Pressure Check for your vehicle?


To be sure of unmatched traction and car handling experience in any road condition, ensure your vehicle's tyres are optimally inflated. Hence, vehicle owners should undertake a routine tyre pressure check at regular intervals (at least once a month) to confirm the tyres are adequately inflated to the manufacturer-recommended level.

If you are looking for a workshop that offers free tyre pressure check Penrith, Wright Tyres is your ideal go-to destination.

We use the industry-best pressure gauges to ensure the most accurate readings of your vehicle's tyre inflation level.

Problems of driving on inadequately inflated tyres

Driving on both under- or over-inflated tyres can lead to a number of driving issues, like:

  • Affects the tyre-road contact area and reduces the steering stability.
  • It leads to uneven and frequent tread wear, thereby forcing you to replace tyres more frequently.
  • Inefficient braking performance.
  • Poor hydroplaning resistance and wet-grip performance.
  • Increases the rolling resistance of tyres, thus leading to poor fuel economy.

To avoid these consequences, it is extremely crucial to undertake a tyre pressure check Penrith from us as a precautionary measure.

Why opt for our tyre pressure check?

Ideally, the standard tyre pressure for the passenger car segment is around 30-35 psi. However, to be absolutely accurate, our experts refer to the “owner’s manual” or “tyre placard” of your respective vehicle, which is present in one of the following areas-

  • Vehicle's manual
  • Driver's door jamb
  • Inside the glove box door
  • In the fuel cap hatch

This helps us understand the manufacturer-recommended inflation level for the tyres of your respective car segment and allows us to inflate it optimally so that you can enjoy an unmatched driving experience.

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