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Are you looking for Agricultural Tyres for your vehicle?


Agricultural tyres are exclusively customised for heavy-duty farming vehicles like tractors, harvesters, etc. These tyres feature a sturdier construction, pronounced ribs and elongated tread depth structure that ensure unmatched traction and stability on rough terrains. These models are tailor-made for prolonged usage.

If you are planning to purchase superior quality agricultural tyres Penrith, our workshop, Wright Tyres, is your ideal go-to destination. We stock the best rated agricultural tyres of various makes and models at affordable prices.

You can also check out our agricultural tyre collection online and place your booking by entering some basic details like vehicle registration number or tyre size etc.

Types of tyres you can avail from our workshop

You can buy the following type of agricultural tyres Penrith from our workshop-

Radial agricultural tyres

Radial agricultural or tractor tyres are tailor-made with two-part construction that reduces internal friction, offers flexibility and ensures uncompromised traction. These tyres also prevent transversal slip and are custom built to absorb more shocks when driven on uneven agricultural tracks.

Bias-ply agricultural tyres

Bias-ply agricultural tyres are constructed with multiple layers of rubber on the sidewall, making them extra stiff and sturdy. Such sturdier construction of bias ply agricultural tyres offers better protection against puncture and prevents risks of cuts and tears.

Tyres of tread design- R1, RW1 and R2

At our workshop, you can buy agricultural tyres in Penrith of all three tread variants:

R1- Best suited for dryland farming.

R1W- Customised exclusively to offer un-compromised traction on wet soil.

R2- Agricultural tyres with R2 tread structure have twice the tread depth of R1 variants. These models are built for being used on wet-flooded agricultural lands.

Factors to keep in mind when choosing agricultural tyres

If you are looking forward to purchasing agricultural tyres in Penrith you must ensure to check some crucial factors like:

  • Dimension
  • Tread design
  • Weight carrying capacity
  • Tyre casing etc

Example of agricultural tyres that we stock

At our workshop, you can buy best-selling, top-quality agricultural tyres from iconic brands like:

  • Bridgestone Alligator
  • Goodyear R14 Hybrid Tractor
  • Continental Tractor 85 etc.

Apart from these models, we also keep budget-friendly agricultural tyres Penrith.

In fact, our vast collection makes us a reliable destination for all "agricultural tyres near me” searches in and around Penrith.

Therefore, end your search for agricultural tyres and visit us.

If you have any queries, please get in touch with us on 07935 343848.

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